Kimberly Howe


Kim has 20 plus years of experience in contract negotiations (many in the multi-million dollar range). One of her very first real estate deals was the sale of a farmhouse that had been on the market with other agents for over 5 years without anyone being able to close the deal. She has the desire, experience and “know how” to get real estate transactions to come together! Our team has reliable professional contractors that show up and get things done for you when needed. Our team sincerely cares about you, your family and your home. It is not just about closing deals. It is about enhancing lives!

Things you might not know about Kimberly

  • She has a BBA in Accounting
  • She was on a women’s hockey team #BestSportEver
  • Her family is very athletically inclined & sports oriented #HockeyMom #QBMom #Pitcher’sMom You will find them at the ballpark, ice rink, stadium or the theatre (with her daughter)#ActressMomToo
  • You will usually find her with a cup of coffee in her hand (any time of day or night)

    Jeff Helm


    Jeff is an experienced Real Estate Agent who works with both sellers and buyers to accomplish their goals when it comes to selling their home for top dollar, or buying they’re dream home. Jeff is changing the paradigm on how agents work with their clients by being an integrated consultant and advisor throughout the home buying and selling process. Contact Jeff to learn more how we can help you accomplish yours goals in Real Estate

    Things you might not know about Jeff

    • He has 3 kids ages 6, 13, and 16
    • He plays the drums and was in a touring rock band
    • He has been to 4 different continents (Australia, Europe, Asia and North America)
    • He has a Bachelors in Science from Michigan State University in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business from Walsh College.

    Wendy Patton


    Wendy has 30+ years as a real estate broker and investor. She has helped many people buy their dream home and invest in real estate. She has a passion and desire to help people live the lives they want through building wealth through real estate.

    Things you might not know about Wendy:

    • She has a BS in Business and loves starting and running business’
    • She has written 5 books on real estate and investing
    • Her and her husband are empty nesters and enjoying their time together
    • You will usually find her entertaining at her